Today's problem

From 1900 to 2010, the global volume of natural resources used for building and transport infrastructure increased 23-fold. Sand and gravel are the largest portion of the primary material inputs for concrete (79% or 28,6 gigatons per year in 2010). 

This makes these resources the most extracted group of materials worldwide, exceeding both fossil fuels and biomasses. The enormous increase in extraction of building sand the last decades, has left the world in a weak position. The world is at risk of running out of building sand in just a few years. Due to the current state of technology in the concrete construction, there are no known substitutes for regular building sand.

Our product "Tritonite"

The product Triton Chemicals International owns is an additive that is mixed in the cement when making concrete. This liquid additive makes up 2,5% of the cement weight when used in the concrete mix. It is as simple to use as it is revolutionary. Never before has an additive allowed for the use of desert sand in the concrete mix. Tritonite does not only make desert sand possible in building with concrete, but the usage of Tritonite will also make the concrete 100% waterproof, totally closing the capillary structure. The product does not contain any harmful chemicals and is not categorized as a dangerous substance. Tritonite is eco-friendly and is produced with environmentally sound ingredients.

This opens up for major cost reductions both in regards to the maintenance of concrete constructions, as well as logistics and the purchasing of traditionally used building sand, which is in scarce supply. 

The strength increase of concrete containing our additive, is significant. Consequently, the amount of concrete and thickness of the construction design may be reduced.

For countries partially or wholly located in desert-areas, this opens the doors to a brand new industry – desert sand export. With desert sand now being compatible for use in concrete, former building sand importers, will now turn into sand-exporters. This will open up for a brand new potential revenue-stream for the affected countries. 

Tritonite will disrupt a billion dollar industry

No need for importing building sand to the middle east

“Natural sand export market totaled US$1.7 billion in 2019”

Most of the sand is used for construction concrete production. Even countries with their own sand deserts, import all their construction sand. This is due to the fact that desert sand has been rendered useless for construction. Up until we invented Tritonite.

Tritonite has been proven to make the concrete stronger, even with the use of desert sand. No other concrete additive can do what Tritonite can do. This will relieve the world of the massive problems related to the scarcity of construction sand, which is in critical short supply worldwide.

Tritonite is more suited for water-related construction than any other product.

Waterproof and durable

The Nano technology within Tritonite makes the concrete 100% waterproof forever and it will withstand higher capillary action pressure than any other waterproof additive. The concrete will become completely immune to water ingress, chloride intrusion and carbonization issues. 

80% of all concrete damage costs worldwide are related to water ingress issues. With Tritonite, the life-cycle savings of any offshore or water related structure are tremendous then considering. repeated repair, operational downtime and safety issues. 

Tritonite is the best and most well-suited product for any off-shore application, shallow or deep, huge or small. Tritonite is so water-resistant that when raw unpolished Tritonite concrete has water applied to it, it creates water droplets. Tritonite is 100% waterproof all the way through, as opposed to just on the surface. This makes Tritonite great for use in off-shore applications.

Tritonite only needs to be 2,5% of the cement weight

Secret additive

Triton Chemicals International owns the unique right to produce and distribute Tritonite.

The Tritonite additive only needs to make up 2,5% of the cement weight. 

Tritonite has gone through several advanced tests in Germany with great success, and our focus is now to introduce our product to the world.

With Tritonite, countries can now become exporters of desert sand

Creating new markets

Countries that earlier didn’t have sand as an exporting good can now profit off their previously untapped sand reserves.

Tritonite is truly a revolutionary product that can, – and will, change the sand market forever. 

Tritonite allows for national sand supply-chains, where there earlier were none.

Saving countries billions every year

The world is running out of building sand suitable for use in concrete. At the same time, most of the Middle East, Northern Africa and the United Arab Emirates (UAE) are located in the desert. The use of desert sand in building with concrete is, however, recognized as impossible. Therefore, United Arab Emirates alone has to import building sand for about $600 million every year. 

The worldwide building sand export is a business annually valued at approximately $1,7 billion. In order words, this is a huge business for the major companies and countries producing concrete today.

With our product, Tritonite, the whole game will change. The countries that are partially, or wholly located in deserts will now be able to not only be able to use their deserts for domestic use, but they will also be the next major players in the sand export business. The world is destined to change.


Because of the world’s ever increasing concrete consumption, simultaneously as the access to building sand is running out, we believe that this is the perfect time to introduce Tritonite to the world. 

This lab-tested revolutionary additive can introduce a whole new economy for countries with deserts, which can start exporting sand to the rest of the world.