Corporate social responsibility

Triton Chemicals International is highly conscious of its responsibility to promote equality, health and safety, environmental practice and community cohesion. The company is committed to sustainability in carrying out business through specific partnerships and community initiatives throughout the world.

Triton Chemicals International works closely with all of its licensees, stakeholders and interested parties and is committed to ensuring transparency of systems and communication at the highest level.

Human Resources

Triton Chemicals International expects the highest standards of professionalism from its employees and recognises the need to offer them in return real opportunities for personal and career development. This begins with guaranteed equal employment opportunities and anti discrimination measures. Triton Chemicals International provides ongoing training in order to meet individual career aspirations as well as organisational and business goals. Triton Chemicals International takes pride in employing the best people in their field of expertise and provides rigorous opportunities for knowledge growth.

Health and Safety

Employee safety and accident prevention are top priorities for Triton Chemicals International. Triton Chemicals International maintains a zero accident record and is committed to the process of continual improvement in the pursuit of health and safety excellence. This has led to regular health and safety training, designated health and safety officers among staff and holding regular meetings and risk assessments. Throughout the Group, best practice is shared regularly and improvements are made accordingly


Triton Chemicals International is committed to continuous improvement. In this way creative thinking and cooperative efforts are encouraged in all areas of the business with a view to improving quality and productivity.

Civic Involvement

Triton Chemicals International is developing links with education establishments, Business Links, Chambers of Commerce and community groups. Building bridges between business, the community, and education are seen as vital to the growth of the company as entrepreneurial approaches are required for sustainable growth.

Environmental Responsibility

Triton Chemicals International designs and builds environmentally friendly infrastructure. The company is particularly committed to preventing and anticipating climate change by reducing energy consumption. Optimising recycling and the reuse of materials are also some of Triton Chemicals International’s strategic priorities.