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A Few Words About Us

Triton Chemicals International is a new company with a world leading team, encompassing hundreds of years of accumulated knowledge and experience in industrial improvement solutions. Our staff-members are specialists within nano technology, concrete chemistry and additives as well as within many other disciplines ranging from industrial engineering to state of the art technology.

Our core product is TRITONITE, the world’s most advanced concrete additive based on our nano technology. We picked and chose the best of all available technologies, and merged them into one new mind-blowing solution. This solution goes hand-in-hand with the requirements needed to fuel our planet’s green transition. Our technology will be a good business opportunity for our partners, while allowing them to stay green and environmentally-conscious at the same time.

The Triton Chemicals International administration office is the K5 building in Sarpsborg, Norway

We specialize in environmentally sound and sustainable green technologies and most of what we do is «First of a kind». Our vision is to make a significant impact in the world by introducing innovations that make sense. This is not done at the cost of our client’s profitability, nor the environment or the climate.

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